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About me

I'm Michael Joseph Villar. I am a Product and Digital Marketing professional from Manila, The Philippines. I am currently Managing Partner for Pencil&Mint and, previously, the Vice President for Marketing and Product for Kreyos. Prior to that, I worked as the Senior Marketing Manager for US Auto Parts (NASDAQ: PRTS), an Internet Retailer Top 100 company.

This is my third attempt at maintaining a personal blog. Back in the mid 2000's, I maintained a blog--the relative popularity of which was owed almost exclusively to writing avant garde penis jokes. Due to reasons related to employability, I made the difficult decision to shut that blog down at the height of its popularity (and at a time when I was sort of a big deal)and rethink my personal branding.

I honestly have very vague recollection of what happened between the time I shut that blog down and 2009 when I got married and finally decided to straighten up and fly right.

I do remember waking up at a McDonald's parking lot one morning; hungover, vomit all over my clothes, car's gas tank empty, around 5,000 PhP worth of money that I don't remember having the night before, my ass hurting, around 50 missed calls from my mom and, as I subsequently found out, a missing person APB with my name on it. Putting the pieces together, the memory gap can be pretty much explained by me being shit-faced drunk the entire time between 2007 and 2009.

Nowadays, as a young husband and father, I don't enjoy drinking that much anymore. I mean, I like the concept of drinking, but the actual getting drunk and hungover as fuck the next day? Not so much. Instead, when I "drink" with friends, I typically nurse a ladies' cocktail for hours, and just watch while everyone around me gets gloriously shit-faced and make fools out of themselves. It's the same thing when you think about it. I still get to hang out with my wino friends, not miss out on anything and still have sharp enough mental faculties at the end of the night not to walk up to an ATM and punch it repeatedly after losing a bet related to whether or not I could "glide" safely to the ground from an office building's mezzanine using a shower curtain.

Yes, I realize that's oddly specific and no, I don't have any comments as to whether or not that happened in real life. I'm rebranding myself, remember?

So now that I have given up drinking, I fill the void it left in my heart with obsessively studying and executing business strategies related to marketing through relevance and Youtility. My other areas of expertise include E-Commerce (I fucking love this shit), product development, product management, email and database marketing, affiliate and performance marketing, and "customer-first" conversion optimization.

These are the same things I'm going to write about on this blog with along with nuggets on life, business and parenting.

Where else can you find me?

You can view my career journey through my LinkedIn profile, watch me struggle to make thoughts fit in 140-character Tweets, check out the books I've read and am currently reading on Goodreads, look at shitty pictures I took using a phone camera on Instagram, or get a feel for what sort of music I listen to on Last.fm

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