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The 3 types of OLX transactions and why I love "Drive bys"

OLX transactions are always fun. I've classified them into three main types:

a.) ones that don't require actual face time (i.e cover the shipping cost, send me proof and I'll send shit right over)

b.) ones that actually require you to meet up with someone. This is commonly the case for second hand items where you say shit like "99% kinis bruh" or "see to appreciate" in your ad.

I hate this particular type of interaction because it necessitates small talk and pretending to care more than you really do about how the item you just sold them is going to benefit their life. Most of the time, you're throwing fibs left and right just so the guy could feel good about his purchase. OMG! Yes! You're totally going to love this first generation iPad. It wouldn't run iOS 8 and the battery dies after 30 seconds but it can play videos! it's not retina so I hope you like watching 480p youtube videos as if you're watching them through a windshield smeared with eggs. But for the price? okay na diba?

I also hate this because there's a huge possibility that you're going to agree to meet someone in an MRT station where any transaction that doesn't end with the item you're selling or the money you got from it being jacked would be considered a good day.

c.) My favorite is the "drive by" where you meet a seller somewhere relatively safe and public. When you drive up to the meeting place the seller, whose clothes and general appearance ("ser ako po yung naka checkered na polo na kamukha ni Arnold Clavio") has been described to you prior to the meetup, is standing awkwardly waiting for you. You roll down your windows, you ask if he's "the guy", do a cursory inspection of the item and, if everything checks out, you chuck money out the window and drive away. It's sad that sometimes, the money you throw out the window hits the poor dude in the face which I'm sure makes him feel like a cheap whore.

As I'm writing this, I realize that it is not unlike a drug deal which isn't necessarily bad because drug deals are fast and efficient.

unfortunately for me, today is going to be a transaction type B day. I need to convince someone that my 3 year-old iPhone 5 which has seen better days is worth the money he's going to pay for it. And yes, I'm possibly meeting a dude named Froilan at one of the busiest MRT stations facilitating a relatively high value transaction. Wish me luck.

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